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Our in-house tool for helping with scene debugging inside Cinema 4D R17.

There are situations when you are left with a large scene with objects, effectors, splines... and you want to tidy up a bit...  but you have no idea if the object is used somewhere in the scene.
The script helps you find out if selected object is used in any Object Link / Object List Link field by any other object, tag or xpresso node.

Examples would be:
  - Effector inside a Cloner object,
  - Object inside Instance Object
  - Object inside Target tag,
  - Object inside Xpresso Object node,
  - Object inside IK tag as a pole...

...it's endless, basically it checks any such situation where object is used by dragging it into an Object field or List.
it should also support 3rd party stuff like finding Object inside Octane Object tag / Particle rendering shape.

Workflow is very basic, just select the Object and run the script.
It will result by selecting all the objects, tags & xpresso tags, where this object is used.

> Download the script <

Install it like any other script - extract the zip inside %AppData%\Roaming\MAXON\CINEMA 4D R17_x\library\scripts\

Known limitations:
  - Xpresso Thinking Particles nodes are not supported, like PSurfacePosition can hold an object...

This is not the final release, so please report any issues or ideas how to enhance the script to sd@ratatastudio.com thanks ;)